Apprenticeship - Level 2 Intermediate Level Apprentice in Smart Meter Installations (Dual Fuel)

Introduction and background

The government has set a target to have Smart Meters installed in all 27 million homes in the UK by 2019. Smart Meters will enable energy companies to tell exactly how much energy a customer is using without visiting their premises, meaning an end to estimated bills.

Smart Meters give customers the power to manage energy use more effectively. By providing detailed information on how much a customer spends on energy and when they spend it, customers will be better able to manage their energy costs.

Smart Meters are the catalyst for technological change over the next 30 years, installation of both new-build and retrofitted improvements to residential buildings will require expensive work on millions of assets and dwellings. This will spearhead the government’s commitment to meeting reductions in carbon and optimising energy conservation.

With potentially 53 million gas and electricity meters in total across the UK that need to be changed to Smart Meters, it is critical to facilitate an adequate supply of competent people with the ability to install and commission Dual Fuel Smart Meters and communication systems in order to meet the government targets.

The industry (the energy suppliers and their meter operator contractor) is forecasting a requirement for an additional 6000 new Smart Meter Installers between 2015 and 2019.

Become a Smart Meter Installer:

A key requirement for Smart Meter Installers is they will have to have dual fuel capability, know how to commission the communications for the Smart Meter, pair up the in-home display device (IHD) and explain how it works to the customer. This requires a much broader set of technical and softer skills than is normally expected from a Meter Installer. All of these skills are a requirement of full job competence for Smart Meter Installer (Dual Fuel).

Work Activities

Smart Meter Installer (Dual Fuel): Installing and commissioning low pressure gas and single phase electricity Smart Meters, including the installation and commissioning of Smart Meter communications units.

Skills, interests and qualities:

As a Smart Meter Installer, you will need:

  • Gas and electricity can be dangerous if not handled correctly, so the safety of the individual, their work colleagues the public are of the upmost importance in this job. Individuals must be very safety conscious and have a very responsible attitude to work.
  • These are physically demanding jobs that involve bending and lifting, so a basic level of fitness is important to be able to conduct the job efficiently.
  • These jobs can involve work outdoors, so you should be prepared to work in any kind of weather.
  • You will need to have good practical skills for handling tools and instruments and be prepared for some hard work. This is a very skilled job and some aspects require significant amounts of concentration.
  • Excellent communication skills are needed plus the ability to work within a team and independently.
  • The job may involve travelling and is often field based and you will respond to emergencies day or night. Therefore you will need to be adaptable and flexible and a driving licence is essential.
  • Cable core identification is often coloured and in these circumstances correct colour vision is important. If potential applicants are concerned about colour blindness they should discuss this with us to identify the job role(s) that would be most suitable.
  • You will need to have an interest in the gas and power industry and in mechanical/electrical/physical equipment and networks.

Training and development:

  • Level 2 Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Smart Meter Installations (Dual Fuel).

Progression routes out of the Apprenticeship: On completion of the intermediate level apprenticeship and under normal circumstances, apprentices will continue to work as a competent Smart Meter Installer (Dual Fuel). Whilst in continued employment by a company, individuals will be provided with the necessary on-going on and off job training, including refresher training and new skills training, to enable them to carry out their job role competently.

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Key Details

  • Installing and commissioning low pressure gas and single phase electricity Smart Meters, including the installation and commissioning of Smart Meter communications units.

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